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The world just changed. We can guide you through it.

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Over six million people have experienced the power of Insights so far, from the world's leading organisations.

Virtual Insights Discovery Accreditation

Virtual accreditation certifies your people to become Insights Discovery Practitioners, targeted to wherever your organisation needs them most. 

The virtual IDA will give you the knowledge and skills you need to deliver virtual Insights Discovery sessions, letting you reach your entire workforce for immediate, flexible and sustainable development.

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Virtual Products

In this time of uncertainty and challenge many of us are now finding ourselves working remotely. Our virtual products are uniquely designed to support you and your people to continue to be effective, aligned and connected even when you are not physically together.

Discover yourself with colour!

With close to six million personal profiles produced to date, our customers know that Insights Discovery is the real deal when it comes to enhanced self-awareness. Now it's your turn.

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If Coronavirus is a teacher, what is it teaching us?

Today, I explore the question, ‘If Coronavirus is a teacher, what is it teaching us?’ Here I'll share some of my learns from the current crisis.

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Leading through uncertainty

Thought Leadership Leadership Development

In more than three decades in people development, I’ve seen some great examples of leadership – and some bad ones too. And I’ve certainly learned a thing or two along the way.

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How we created community for our customers during lockdown


At Insights, our customers mean everything to us. So, when Coronavirus caused unprecedented disruption, we asked ourselves, “What do our customers need from us right now?” Then we went to work.

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