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Prescribing awareness

How Insights Discovery elevates teams throughout the NHS

The NHS and Insights have partnered for 10+ years, boasting approximately 240+ Client Practitioners nationwide. Insights Discovery revolutionises healthcare teamwork, fostering understanding, empathy and collaboration across disciplines. It empowers professionals to deliver compassionate, effective and patient-focused healthcare solutions for the communities they serve.

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How NHS Northumbria’s Theatre Management Team formed stronger bonds through the power of awareness



I believe Insights Discovery will help the team form a stronger bond with greater understanding of each other and how we develop, work and deal with scenarios.

Idris Wilson

Operational Services Manager

How NHS Northumbria championed awareness for effective teamwork and leadership in the healthcare professionals of tomorrow



Medical students achieved their learning outcome. Students of other professions gained benefit too

Good Medical Practice Lead

Developing cross-stream collaboration in Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust’s Public Health Team



This was a new way of working for the team, from working in silos to working towards a shared purpose and thinking about all workstreams as cogs within the public health wheel

Lisa Davies, PH OSM

Navigating post-pandemic times and new dynamics at Northumbria Healthcare



Using the Insights Discovery model gives an opportunity to use a common language that the team could understand and would enable them to adapt their communication style

Nicky Moon, Deputy Director Emergency

Surgery & Elective Care Business Unit

How Gateshead Health NHS Trust improved teamwork and reduced absence



It is life changing and the teams that I’ve worked with have a new language.

Joanne Coleman

Safeguarding Strategic Lead, NHS Trust

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