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Creating a vibrant and inclusive work culture

Elanco partners with Insights using Insights Discovery and Insights Explore

Our Approach

Elanco has been a global animal health organisation for over 65 years after founding in 1954. They have focused on delivering animal health solutions that solve their customers challenges.

Diversity and inclusion is at the heart of Elanco's culture and learning strategy. Elanco wanted to partner with Insights to create a vibrant and inclusive work culture across geographies, languages and hybrid working environments.

Working closely with Prakash Santhanam, a global learning and development consultant, Elanco and Insights began on the journey to bring their organisational goals to life.

Download the full PDF on how Elanco and Insights created a vibrant and inclusive working culture

We use Insights Explore and Insights Discovery at Elanco. With Insights Explore, it's about giving people the right level of information for what they need or want to know.

Prakash Santhanam

Global Learning and Development Consultant


Insights was mapped to Elancos own cultural and behavioral pillars: Involve, Deliver, Own & Innovate.



Insights' learning approach helped them to deliver on Elanco's employee promise of inclusion. They applied a tiered approach using Insights Discovery and Insights Explore that includes employees learning at all levels.



Elanco used Insights Discovery to help managers understand their personal style, the strengths the bring to the team and possible blind spots highlighted in their Insights Discovery Personal Profile.



The colour energy model recognises and appreciates differences in others. When applied in teams by management, it gives everyone a framework to understand each other and builds trust. When trust is built, autonomy grows and people have autonomy, they are motivated to do more.



Innovation can be seen as changing for the better. It's important that leaders value different styles contributions and ways of thinking. To achieve this fully, people need to connect on a human level and feel that they are operating in a psychologically safe environment.

"I've been using psychometric tools for over 10 years now with all the industry leading providers and the significant difference that i find with Insights Discovery compared to them is that Insights gets closer to people's hearts."

Prakash Santhanam, Global Learning and Development Consultant

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